Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Orchard KTV

In Singapore, the place to go for any men looking for some fun and drinks is Orchard Towers. This is the favourites for any hot-blooded American and Europeans hanging out for the night. The girls in these pubs are free lancers mainly from Philipines, Thailand and Vietnam. They normally hang out in groups, to protect each other and when they see a white man, the chemical reaction starts. The pretty ones are taken very fast. They normally follow the man out to nearby hotels at the rate of S$120-S$150 for a short time. Then they are back at the place again to try their luck.

Jay and myself go to OT, as what he likes to call it, on some of the nights out. But tuck in the basement of the Tower behind OT is a place in the basement called The Orchard KTV. As with most KTV in Singapore, this is an exclusive place with exotic Chinese girls working there as hostesses.

These girls are normally here on social visit pass for 14 days, they make their money at the KTVs. They come from China cities such as ChongQing, Nanjing, Sizhou, Jiangsu, Shenyang, H'erbin and of course the popular cities of Shnaghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.

In the 14 days that they are here, they start work at 6pm and ends at 2am or sometimes as early as 6am the next morning. I understand only The Orchard KTV has the license for this extended hours. Other KTVs normally closes at 2am.

In one night, each girl can make about S$300. So making S$4,000 to S$5,000 in 14 days is already a small fortune for most of these girls from the smaller cities of China. Some came from villages where most of their family members work as farmers.

In normal cases, the girls would not go home after 14 days, they would cross over to either Malaysia or Thailand, for a day or two before coming back to Singapore again where the Singapore Custom would normally give them another 14 days. This means another round of earnings.

I say in normal cases because for any social visit visa holders, the holder are not allowed to work in Singapore, like in any other countries. If they are caught by Immigration Officers at the KTV, the girls will be deported from Singapore and not allowed to enter the country again for a period of time.

So the girls are taking risks. They had to do it because they would have spent a sum of money in China for their paperwork and passport to be processed through an agent. Some can be as high as RMB10,000 or S$2,000. Only working in a KTV in such a short period of time could they recover the cost and made some money to bring home.

For some of these girls, they could make S$15,000 to S$20,000 in a month but this could involve, I'm not saying all, going to bed with some of their customers.

The Orchard KTV was the place where Jay and myself spent many nights singing and drinking the night away after a hard day's work. Of all the KTVs in Singapore, somehow we liked this place. The people working there were friendly and after awhile, most of the waitresses, receptionists and mama-san knew us by our first name.

Our mama-san was Shirley, she is from Shanghai, quite a pretty thing herself although in her early 30s. She has been in Singapore for the last 7 years. We figure she must be married to a Singaporean, although she claimed otherwise.

Shirley never fails to have a girl for each one of us. She knew the type and shape of girls both of us liked after a couple of rounds there.

Eventually The Orchard KTV was the place where I first met Angela from Jiangsu. Angela was fun to be with, I got to knew her pretty well. There is a story on Angela which I would like to tell you guys. So stay tuned.


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